Fun Halloween games for the kids during half-term

Yep, half term has come around again and the weather’s a bit pants so, what to do with those pesky kids?

We’ve got 12 fun games you might want to try and they’re cheap too!

Donuts on a string

What you’ll need: Donuts and string

Loop a piece of string around each donut and working in pairs, get one person to hold the string while the other puts their hands behind their back and tries to catch the donut and take a bite!

Trust us, it’s harder than you may think, but it’s great fun and generates many a giggle.

Make it more competitive by going up against another team or trying to beat the clock.

Eyeball Pong

What you’ll need: Plastic eyeballs and plastic cups

Yes, you’ve guessed it, this is very much like the popular beer pong, just without the alcohol, of course.

Place a selection of plastic cups on the table in a triangle shape and take it in turns to bounce the eyeball on the table to get them into the cups. If the ball lands in a cup, you instantly win a sweet prize. You could mix this up with different coloured cups; one for tricks and one for treats!

Mummify me!

What you’ll need: Toilet rolls

So easy, yet so much fun! Working in pairs, choose one person to be the mummy and one person to be the mummifier. Working against another team, wrap your partner in a full toilet roll. The person who creates the best mummy wins.

Mummy Sack Race

What you’ll need: Toilet rolls

While you’ve got the toilet rolls out, how about a sack race with a twist! Wrap up your kids’ legs with toilet paper and get them lined up ready to race. The first one to the finish line without ripping the paper wins.

Pumpkin Patch Stomp

What you’ll need: Orange balloons, pieces of paper

Warning: Not for the faint hearted or anyone with dogs!

Before inflating, fill the orange balloons with pieces of paper, saying TRICK or TREAT. Your little trick-or-treaters can then jump on the "pumpkin patch" gather the pieces of paper and come back to you to claim their prizes.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

What you’ll need: Halloween toys and decorations, sweets, pen and paper

Yes, this is very much like an Easter Egg Hunt, just replacing bunnies and eggs with ghouls and ghosts! Set them off with clues or simply let them loose in the garden or around the home in search of tricks and treats.

Ghost and Pumpkin Bowling

What you’ll need: Toilet rolls, black pen, and a pumpkin

Back to the loo roll! Draw faces on the toilet rolls to convert them into ghoulish bowling pins. Stack them up and get ready to knock ‘em down with your pumpkin.

Note: Make sure your pumpkin isn’t too squishy!

Spaghetti slime dip

What you’ll need: Spaghetti, Halloween goodies

Prepare some spaghetti and let it cool down. Add some gory extras, such as eyeballs and spiders and get your brave blindfolded kids to dig in and find the hidden treats. You could also do this with slime, custard or jelly.

Pumpkin Stack

What you’ll need: Orange cups, black pen

Stack the cups and draw on a pumpkin face. Show your little ones the face they need to recreate before unstacking the cups ready for them to start. Set them up against a timer, or perhaps get one person to direct the other to do it blindfolded!

Pin the Spider on the Web

What you’ll need: Big sheet of white paper, black pen, sticky tape or tac, blindfold.

A Hallowe’en take on the old ‘pin the tail on the donkey’, this one is so easy to create, and you can have as many people as you like taking part.

Draw a spider’s web on the paper and then draw lots of mini spiders, cut them out and add tape or tac on the back. Blindfold participants, spin them round and get them try place the spider in the centre of the web. The closest to the centre wins a prize.

Spider Races

What you’ll need: Straws and plastic spiders

This is so easy to do. Line up your spiders on a smooth surface and get your little ones to blow through the straws to move their spiders along. First one to the finish line (where this is, you decide) wins.

Apple bobbing

What you’ll need: Bowls, water and apples

And let’s end on a trusted favourite – apple bobbing! You can’t go wrong with this one – but be warned, it may get messy! Place water into bowls and add your apples. With hands behind your back, race against each other to dunk your head into the water to retrieve the balls. The winner is the one who gets all their apples the fastest.

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