Go BIG for Macmillan!

The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is upon us! So, if you’re planning to take part in the annual Macmillan fundraiser this year, it’s time to get busy!

But where to start? Maybe our checklist of ‘stuff’ you need to consider will help make things a little easier: Where are you holding your coffee morning? Your fundraising coffee morning can be any size you like but it’s the first thing you need to think about. It may be at work, at a local community centre or your home and all work perfectly well, providing you have access to brew making facilities and space to have a table of goodies as well as enough workable space for your guests. Who to invite? You’ve got your venue sorted, now you need to fill it! For a small gathering you may wish to send a group message via Messenger or WhatsApp – don’t be scared to ask them for cake donations – generally people are happy to do their bit even if it means buying their goodies in! For a bigger event you may wish to send an invitation by post, email or on social media, where you can also create an event. Ask people to RSVP to be sure that you don’t underprepare for the number of guests who will attend. Getting prepared Time to make a checklist of all the things you’ll likely need for your coffee morning – it doesn’t stop at just coffee and cakes. Here’s some of the essentials:

  • Table/s

  • Tablecloths

  • Bunting/posters/balloons/Sellotape/string/Blue Tac

  • Chairs and tables for guests

  • Cups (and saucers)

  • Teaspoons/forks

  • Tea/Coffee/cold drinks

  • Milk and sugar (milk jugs and sugar bowls)

  • Cake stands /display plates/cake slice/knives

  • Napkins

  • Bags/boxes for takeaway goodies

  • Money float

  • Bin bags

  • Washing up liquid/cloth and tea towel

Setting up Make sure you have adequate time for setting up before your guests arrived. Ask anyone making cake donations to drop them off just before the event begins if they can, so that you can have time to set up your display. For a large event it might be a good idea to have somebody positioned near the doors to direct people making donations and inform people about the format of the event ie - ‘pop your donation in the tub on the table’ or ‘you can buy raffle tickets over there’. You will need to set your own policy about minimum donation amounts; however, most people who come to a coffee morning understand the process and are happy to contribute without prompting. Time to mingle! Your event is in full swing, the cakes are selling like, erm, hotcakes, and the coffee’s flowing. All that’s left to do is mingle and keep people buying; ‘we can wrap those up for you’, and so on. Good luck with your fundraising and remember, we can help you wow your guests with our brownie treats! Order by 18th September to get your brownies in time for your event!


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